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How to Buy a Century Complete Home

Updated: Feb 8

Freedom Estates in Florece, SC

These homes by Century Complete are marketed as affordable and has a versatile selection of quick move-in homes. Their streamlined online purchase process gives consumers confidence to purchase on their own. However, BUYER REPRESENTATION IS STILL IMPORTANT. Below are 3 reasons you need representation:

  • The builder’s sales rep has loyalty/agency with the builder and not you. Yes, they will get your deal closed. However, not necessarily with your interest being over the builders.

  • This goes along with the first but, to have a spokesperson or advocate

  • Home Buyer Education.. For example, it is better to pay debts down during the build process to improve your score than to pay them off at closing.

Follow these steps to get under contract to purchase:

  1. Once you know and/or toured the floor plan you desire, Go to Century Complete’s website and find the appropriate property address under the available catergory.

  2. Click “Buy Now” and follow the prompts.

  3. Be sure to insert your trusted realtors information: Jimmy Worthy of Worthy & Associates Real Estate 803-524-0027

  4. Pay the $95 Earnest Deposit in order to submit the contract.

If you’d like to call me while you fill out the contract, feel free to: 803-524-0027

Note: An additional Earnest Deposit of $1,905 and confirmation of a Conditional Loan Approval from Inspire Home Loans or the outside lender will be due within 14 days of contract.

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