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Summers in South Carolina

Just to jog your memory, Rock Hill is where I come from! When I was a kid, I used to engage in these activities and many others every summer, except for visiting the trampoline park. Feel free to correct me, but I believe trampoline parks are a relatively recent addition in SC; I only came across one during my college years. Moving on, here are 5 activities to enjoy in SC! Naturally, these are always on my family's summer to-do list!

Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

During my time at elementary school in Rock Hill School District 3, I recall visiting the zoo for a field trip on a couple of occasions. Situated in Columbia, one can enjoy a few hours at the park before exploring other activities downtown. Being centrally positioned in the state, it's ideal for a day trip!

Go to the Beach

One more convenient day excursion is exploring the extensive coastline that the state has to offer. Myrtle Beach is commonly known as "Dirty Myrtle" among South Carolinians, yet it currently holds the title of the top choice for relocation in the United States. Apart from Myrtle Beach, I also appreciate the beaches and islands in Charleston County. What's your family's preferred destination?

Trampoline Parks

My first visit was to Sky Zone in Mount Pleasant. While there are several choices available, I'd like to highlight a few more: Adventure Air Sports in Rock Hill, Defy in Florence, and Flight Adventure Park in North Charleston. Trampoline parks offer enjoyment for people of all ages!


Once you've graduated from camping in the back yard, the state offers ample city and county parks to enjoy. One of my earliest camping memories is from Andrew Jackson State Park in Lancaster.


If you didn't know, a cookout is a social gathering where friends and family enjoy good food outdoors. It's a tradition in many cultures, especially in warmer months. The menu is diverse, with barbecue, salads, grilled veggies, and desserts. Beverages like lemonade, iced tea, or cold beers are also enjoyed! It's a celebration of food, company, and life's simple joys, creating lasting memories and meaningful moments.

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