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Ram Tool Neighborhood Entrance

As a company who delivers job site supplies to its customers, Ram Tool, has been in the Dorchester Terrace neighborhood since 2015.

According to the neighboring residents, the company has been a issue since they were allowed to plant their warehouse in such close proximity to residential properties. This project is important to the neighbors because Ram Tool’s presence is a nuisance to neighbors in that they cause environmental issues, negative effect of home values, and noise pollution.

RT owns two parcels that have residential properties on them that they rent to local residents. The conditions of these homes do not fit the living conditions of the owners of the company and there is a flaw in that that can be easily remedied.

We want for the company to beautify their neighborhood entrance by paying for the following:

  1. Pave their entrance due to large amounts of sand disturbing the flow of water to storm drain. Sand also flies into the immediate neighbors property.

  2. Upgrade Fence line and gate that are visible to the street because their view is unappealing.

The vendors/contractors that do this work should be picked by Dorchester Terrace residence which would be majority african american. In the event we reach an impasse with the company, we can open the project up and raise the money to get the project completed by our vendors of choice which will be black owned and ultimately create work for us.

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