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Columbia, SC Real Estate: Harbison State Forest

If you're looking for something to do in Columbia, SC other than the main attractions like museums, the zoo, or sporting events (Gamecocks/Fireflies), head over to Harbison State Forest. The forest attracts hikers, runners, pet owners, and more! Daily admission is $6 or you could pay $25 for an annual pass if you are local to Columbia.

My visit was unique due to realizing that there had been forrest fires here in South Carolina; you can see the charred piece of wood in my hand. If you were there with you could see the insects inside the wood! This was the home to at least 50 or so ants! Another great aspect of the adventure to the forest is that it is a great place for all ages. Toddlers can enjoy the giant pine trees, insects, fallen leaves, bugs, and exploration. With that being said don't be afraid to go off trail and just explore! Plan your family trip to the forrest!

Photo Credit: ANPOV

Model: Jimmy Worthy

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