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Call to Action: Looking for home owners in Columbia, SC

Updated: May 5, 2022

Since Fall of 2021, the Columbia market has seen a drastic increase in families looking for houses. Similar to many other metro areas around the country, there isn't enough housing inventory to meet the demands of those in need.

As a licensed realtor at Worthy & Associates Real Estate, I focus mainly on the buyer side of the real estate transaction as our tag line is "Educating the Buyer, not just Selling homes." To help some of my buyers overcome the hurdle of multiple offer situations, I am seeking current home owners in the Columbia Metro to reach out to me. I want to directly offer you a buyer instead of putting your house on the market.

Getting your house sold this way is much more convenient for you because you get to skip all of the showings and to the closing table faster. For the owners out there who are altruistic, you get to have peace of mind knowing that a buyer was able to skip the experience of missing multiple opportunities due to bid wars. A win-win situation!

Don't wait, contact me today to get your home sold!


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